(Chapter 2, Scariest Summer): “Nightmare Trip To Physio” (& How You Can Face Your Worst Fears & Come Out Fighting”)

so in Chapter 1, I started to tell you the story about what has been

my scariest summer ever…

This is important for you to see and hear….and is what happens
when a man faces his own worst fears and almost crumbles.

( so read Chapter 1 right now if you missed it:


See, for a week or so I was frozen with fear, not sleeping properly,
in a daze, and, as ashamed as I am to admit it,
not really “present” when around my own family…


more importantly for YOU:

… this chapter will help you learn from my chilling experience

in answering the question:
“How can you hit a wall or face your worst fears, but still come out fighting?” [Read more…]

Scariest Summer ever & “Wake-up Call” (Chapter 1)

Hey there

I’ll admit, I’ve been a bit quiet lately, and I’m not ashamed to admit
that I let something throw me a little off course.. …it’s probably time I came clean about what has been my scariest summer ever…
This is important for you to see and hear….and is what happens when a man faces his own worst fears and almost crumbles..
it takes a lot to stop a freight train..
..and a focused entrepreneur with big dreams for his family is just that, an unstoppable freight train with a clear destination…
..but every now and then something big can come along to shake our
determination & change our perspective… [Read more…]

“Attraction” Marketer or Underground Affiliate?


Should I Be an “Attraction Marketer or a Pure Affiliate ?

Both are great choices when done right…


either “attraction marketing” or pure affiliate marketing is the right and “healthy” decision for your bank account if it’s right FOR YOU…

*for your personality, situation, and how YOU want to build a business.. your business


A few years ago now the terLaw of Attraction marketingm “attraction marketing” became popular – just in case you’re not familiar with the term, it was popularized mainly by Mike Dillard who published the highly popular ebook “Magnetic Sponsoring” – the basic idea is that people will [Read more…]

From “Newbie” to Elite Marketer – Lessons Learned From An Ironman World Championship Triathlete

Elite Marketing Lessons From An Ironman World Championship Triathlete

chrissie wellington

Inspired beyond belief, I recently stumbled across the incredible story of Chrissie Wellington, four time female Ironman World Champion!

When Chrissie won the Ironman World Championships in Kona, [Read more…]

Why I Don’t “Do Facebook” (…much)

So here’s why I don’t “do Facebook” (much) :

FB is one of the most highly trafficked sites on the net and great for networking,
so why do I mostly avoid it except for connecting with business partners?


1) Because it’s full of unproductive sheep...

let me explain what I mean..

FB is full of distracted “followers” who spend hours every week or even every day looking for ‘LIKES’ = recognition from people & aimlessly following people’s lives… instead of living and operating their business with a sense of PURPOSE!

>>>>  “Wow,  look, I got 52 likes!!”   <—- business builder or “needy” person?  <<<<

They’re “sheep” because [Read more…]