My “Voyage of the Dawn Treader Movie” Business Mindset Lesson & How You Too Can Have An Amazing 2012 !

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What I learned about business mindset from the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie…

Wow, where did the weekend go?
Not long ago….

I was aboard a sailing ship out at sea listening to the waves and the eloquent “wordsmanship” of a rat of all things…and watching Edmund and Lucy positively aglow…

with the EXCITEMENT of living in their very own DREAM world….

… a world FAR removed from their REAL WORLD struggles where they were just kids with NO control over where they spend their time (cooped up for the summer with a troublesome cousin…damn!) …..

but NOW happy, newly landed in their own special kind of PARADISE they had been yearning for

(since the very first taste of glory…)

Yes, I’m referring to the Tales of Narnia and specifically the movie the “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”

which I watched just now, flanked by my two eldest daughters with my tiniest James, who’s two, fighting sleep in his Mum’s arms…. on a cosy Winter afternoon…

and, gulp, did I ever get a “shot of cold water in the face”-kind of business mindset lesson..

…Yep, there’s a GREAT business mindset lesson milling around in my head that I learned from this cosy family movie experience on a lazy Sunday afternoon with the family..

and that is,

What is my OWN real-life “dream world” and life on this globe and what am I prepared to DO to GET IT in 2012?

May I ask “What is YOURS ?”

“Are you prepared to let another year pass you by without creating some of your own magic that will make the year ~sizzle~? ”

Hopefully not…. so just dream a little with me now… Go on your OWN Voyage of the Dawn Treader journey for a second…

How will you feel in December of this year when you look back smiling to yourself and say..
… “I DID IT! I finally made it happen & I’m now “exactly where I want to be in life”
 and, like Edmund and Lucy, “I’m never going back!!”

“I FINALLY cracked the code inside myself and unlocked the door to a whole new experience (& unstoppable business mindset)

that has me SO EXCITED about 2012!!!

But how is it that all of us just KNOW that we can BE more but ….don’t DO more to make that happen..
So what’s missing? Holding you/me back from total mastery?

Business mindset… success mindset?   Enthusiasm… excitement?

I hope you STILL have that childlike excitement about certain things in life…

What if you could tap into that good stuff RIGHT NOW in early 2012 and make your life unrecognizable ..? a world where you are King or Queen (& master of your time…)

just like Edward and Lucy in Narnia ..?


So go ahead & AMAZE yourself at what a transformation you can create… DARE to dream a little… then TAKE ACTION & develop the bullet-proof business mindset you NEED…which ALL successful people OWN to create their own magic…

a business mindset that NEVER sees them wavering from THEIR PATH TO SUCCESS

So Let’s GO ! It’s going to be a fun ride and TOTALLY worth it..

It was for me… working from home since 2002 & watching my kids grow has been an absolute delight but I’m only HALF done,

How about you??

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Catch u soon :)
Oh, and if you’ve not yet seen the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie yet, go ahead and watch it. It may just give you a business mindset shift that changes EVERYTHING!

Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie


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